Courses and seminars


If you know nothing, you must believe everything.

We do not offer a theoretical training as a stand-alone course for emergent private and professional pilot. We leave that to the specialists in this field.

We do however offer private lessons to private and professional pilots. You choose the topic and we will deepen your knowledge.

In addition to that, we offer the Type Rating Ground Course for the H120/Colibri.

Last but not least, we teach you, in the context of our night flight training program NIT(H), specific night flight theory.

Individual seminars

We raise the bar high.

When you are a helicopter company dedicated to commercial services, your pilots must pass refresher courses on an annual basis.​

Swiss skyways services ag offer you full-day or half-day courses with the topic of your choice. We consider the wishes of our customers just as much as we bring in our own suggestions. Besides standard topics, we also get you updated on the most recent developments in the field of aviation.

Efficient flight preparation

Does your stress already start prior to the flight?

A serious and thorough preparation of your flight that covers all bases is the corner stone for tackling a flight in a relaxed state of mind and still have the capacity to manage any issue that may unexpectedly come up. To achieve this, it is imperative in this day and age of tight schedules that your flight preparation is a most efficient one.

We do not sell you the ultimate solution, but we can guide you towards the various options how you can ensure your individual flight preparation comes off smoothly and efficiently.

Beyond that, we present to you the different possibilities of flight planning and how you can and must use the internet to your aviation advantage.


For flawless flight operations

Briefing sheets, check lists as well as mass and balance sheets have to be presented more and more in modern air traffic. For individuals and for companies, we put together customized sheets that meet today’s standards.

We put together, complement and update these sheets so that you can fly without a care.