Sharing responsibility

Having a safety pilot on board eases and comforts your nerves. Swiss skyways services ag is happy to provide you with their experienced pilots and flight instructors. Whether it’ll be our or your helicopter, your safety is guaranteed.

You want to plan and prepare on your own and still include an external safety measure to check on your work and to always expand your knowledge? The level of securing quality and counselling with regard to safety-relevant factors prior, during, after and between flights that our pilots provide is unmatched.

Our safety pilots consider your needs and put them to work. For instance, we take care of your flight preparation, collect all the necessary papers and thus ensure that you can only focus on your flight experience. But even during your flight, we remain by your side: Take a safety pilot with you when a difficult landing, an unknown airport, difficult weather conditions come your way, or just for the simple reason to get your helicopter safely back into the hangar.