Discover new territories from up in the air

Swiss skyways services ag offers abroad training flights on a regular basis. One to three pilots take turns flying and in preparing the flight, they deepen their knowledge of variables such as customs, prohibited areas, navigation, communication and also weather patterns and weather forecast. During the flight, you are being accompanied by a flight instructor who will intervene if necessary.

Along the Rhine river towards Cologne, on along the Mosel river towards the heartland of Champaign in Reims, or across the Alps to Salzburg or Bolzano pardon, your spouse prefers Venice, after that along the sea shore to Trieste or a quick trip to Portoroz, and then, as your final destination, a emerald green or turquoise bay on the island of Losinj? Or better yet the classic tour along the castles of Frances? We know all of these routes!

No matter how experienced you are, we fly with you abroad. It is your choice to bring along friends and family.