Because you deserve the very best

Its capabilities, its luxury, its interior and its low engine noise convince our clients on a daily basis over and over again. The helicopter Airbus Helicopters H120 Colibri (formerly known as Eurocopter EC 120B) leaves its rivals in the light weight class of helicopters far behind.

When you fly in our turbine-powered Colibri and experience its smooth running, comfort and power, you will know why our pilots and passengers swoon over this helicopter.

  • Top-notch helicopter of its class
  • State of the art technology
  • Safety by design
  • Comfortable and powerful
  • Suited for business and police use
  • Up to four passengers

Airbus Helicopters H120 / Colibri

The helicopter model HB-ZJB, used by swiss skyways services ag is unique, as far its interior is concerned, in virtue of its high-quality materials and is just as unique, as far as its exterior is concerned, in virtue of its breathtaking painting.

Licensed technicians routinely run maintenance work and thus guarantee flawless performance. This turns the helicopter in one of the safest aircraft – even when the engine fails.

The avionics is constantly being updated. Safety features such as a flight anti-collision system which is obligatory in commercial airliners, is just as much indispensable as a touch-screen navigation system or electronic maps with the most current data banks on air obstacles.


Lenth above all
11.52 m
Hight above all
3.40 m
9.60 m
Main rotor diameter
10.0 m
Tail rotor diameter
0.75 m


max. take off mass
1715 kg
Empty mass
ca. 1000 kg

Engine (Turbine)

1 x Turboméca Arrius 2F
1 x 376 kW (504 HP)

Flight envelope and limitations

max. airspeed
278 km/h
max. cruise speed
228 km/h
max. rate of climb
7.60 m/s
max. range
732 km
max. endurance
3.3 h


CEO swiss skyways services ag


Because the decision was easy

The right choice of the helicopter was a crucial part of the founding of our business.

Criteria such as most modern equipment coupled with safety at the highest level, economical and technological efficiency, low noise emission, passenger comfort as well as a large space for luggage played the decisive roles. The decision was an easy one! No other helicopter combines the features demanded by us in a more elegant way than the Airbus Helicopters H120 Colibri.

I shall be pleased when you will be able to experience the luxury, safety and performance of our helicopter in the very near future!

AIRBUS HELICOPTERS H120/COLIBRI - Because you deserve the very best

Just how we put the highest standards on our staff, we also demand the very most from our helicopter!

swiss skyways services ag