Flying yourself (trial flight)

A dream comes true! Do you want to maneuver a helicopter with your own hands or do you want to fulfill someone else’s dream of flying by themselves? No problem! With us, you may pilot a helicopter without prior knowledge and without a physical check. Whilst doing so, you will be under the guard of an experienced pilot and flight trainer.

Thus, become a pilot for once, break away from the everyday mill and treat yourself to the experience of a life time!

In addition to the flight time, the fee covers an hour worth of briefing (introduction into helicopter piloting) plus half an hour worth of debriefing.

After the flight, the newly born pilot receives, in memory of this unforgettable experience, his or her helicopter flight certificate.

You will never forget this adventure!

After a short hour on theory and the mission briefing on the helicopter, you will sit down in the commander’s seat of our Airbus Helicopters H120. Together with your accompanying flight trainer, you will be in control of the flight stick and will start flying first maneuvers.

This experience will stick in your mind forever and is possibly the start to a career as a helicopter pilot!